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Our Bright Future
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Artist: Tracy Chapman
Released: 2008
1. Sing For You
2. I Did It All
3. Save Us All
4. Our Bright Future
5. For A Dream
6. Thinking Of You
7. A Theory
8. Conditional
9. Something To See
10. The First Person On Earth
11. Spring

Tracy Chapman’s eighth studio album, 2008’s Our Bright Future, reflects the singer-songwriter’s twenty years of expertise. With producer Larry Klein lining up two seasoned backing groups — drummers Steve Gadd and Joey Waronker keeping solid time — Chapman has an assured groove to comfort her forthright insecurities. Chapman’s strength has always been her vulnerability, the way her voice quivers as she celebrates her joys and admits her inner doubts. There are always warnings among the celebrations and she jumps right in on her first album in three years, recorded over two summer months in Los Angeles. “I Did It All” observes the desire to self-expose oneself in today’s reality TV culture with nightclub jazz style. “Sing for You” is simply gorgeous, Chapman’s voice caressing a perfect melody to recount her lifelong musical journey. “A Theory” slides towards a western motif with its shuffling groove. “The Last Person On Earth” speaks for a person watching the Hurricane Katrina waters rise with little hope for relief. Chapman still knows how to stir the emotions. - ITunes review