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From There to Here
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Artist: Kyle Eastwood
Released: 1998
1. Stanley Hill Dr.
2. Watch, Watch
3. I Beg Your Pardon
4. Trouble Man
5. Why Can't We Live Together
6. Da Da Ba Ba Nu Nu
7. In The Wee Small Hours
8. Solace
9. Chaff And Grain
10. Enter Evening

This is an intriguing effort from bassist Kyle Eastwood, the son of actor Clint Eastwood. A wide variety of personnel and instrumentation are utilized, with Vince Mendoza arranging the selections with the larger groups. The music ranges from swinging jazz ("Stanley Hill Dr" and "Watch, Watch") to a brooding ballad showcase for soprano saxophonist Steve Tavagione (who sounds like Wayne Shorter on "Solace"), three throwaway vocal numbers (including a forgettable Joni Mitchell on Marvin Gaye's "Trouble Man"), and a few features for Doug Webb on tenor and soprano. Eastwood is an excellent player and has some short solos along the way, although he is happy to play a supportive role much of the time. This set may be a bit over-produced, but Kyle Eastwood shows strong potential for the future. - All Music